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Ultimate Brainwave Entrainment Mp3 Program
Harmonic Box X (Binaural Beats and Monaural Beats) with Ambinet Music
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Welcome to specializes in potent brainwave entrainment mp3's which are perfect for meditation, relaxation, mental enrichment, deep rejuvenating sleep, spiritual renewal, and the development of consciousness.

Our mp3's help you achieve states of meditation that are normally very difficult to achieve if you have a busy lifestyle.

With our products you simply recline and relax, put on your headphones, and let the ambient music, blended with harmonic box (binaural beats and monaural beats), work wonders in your consciousness.

Our mp3's are concise and systematic with carefully selected ambient soundscapes that don't interfere with the harmonic box x entrainment.

Download Full Length Session (Alpha Level 5)

About Our Products

We sell soothing, high quality, ambient mp3 soundtracks (programmed with brainwave entrainment) which can be used for hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, therapy, sleep, and more.

Our mp3's focus on deeply relaxing ambient sound spanning a range of audio environments and cultures.

Our mp3's are profoundly relaxing having the added benefit of brainwave entrainment.

Brilliantly composed, they are also fascinating and innovative musical pieces, adding a new dimension to your audio experience.

Our mp3's consist of:

Warm, soothing ambience
Ethnic inspired soundtracks (Indian, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc)
Weightlessness, Floating, Outer Space soundtracks
Spiritual (choir, meditation, shamanic)
"Primordial" Sounds
Nature (rain, forest, etc) combined with ambient sound
Unique Musical Tracks

Mp3 Features:

We use ambient sounds which are specifically designed to act as effective carriers for brainwave entrainment.

Our mp3's loop seamlessly, and have been constructed to be flowing and continuous with very few breaks in the sound - providing a consistent carrier on which the entrainment can be delivered to the brain.

Our mp3's have been designed to work effectively with higher intensity entrainment settings, while remaining subtle and enjoyable from a musical perspective.

They have been composed to be relaxing, non-distracting.

We have included a variety of mp3's with varying degrees of brainwave entrainment (alpha, theta, delta, epsilon) so that you can give yourself a new audio experience each time you sit down to listen to a session. Variety is a great way to exercise the brain, which responds well to novelty.

Perfect for Hypnosis, Therapy, Meditation, Relaxation and Sleep

It is rare to find mp3's that can be used effectively for therapy and hypnosis. As any experienced hypnotherapist will tell you, backgrounds need to be both slow in tempo and consistent throughout the entire session. If they are too distracting, the impact of the hypnosis script and any other elements will be severely diminished. A soundtrack ideally suited for therapy is incredibly hard to accomplish without creating a boring, overly repetitive composition. As a result, therapists can spend years building up a collection of acceptable compositions that only a handful of clients actually enjoy.

You can share our mp3's with your clients during sessions, but can't resell them mp3's.

Here are some features that make our mp3's a perfect fit for therapy, hypnosis, meditation, relaxation, sleep etc.:

Composed at 40 bpm, an ideal tempo for therapy work and relaxation/meditation.

The Music is not distracting. It fades into the background nicely, while still adding a professional quality to your sessions that your clients will appreciate (you can share our mp3's with your clients during your sessions, but can't rsell them).

The Music contains relaxing and hypnotic qualities by itself, but is enhanced with brainwave entrainment.

Includes enough variety that you can match the goal of your therapy with the "emotion" behind the music. Similarly, if you have clients, and your client prefers a certain type of music or audio ambience, it is very likely our mp3 collection includes it.

Give your clients a different audio experience each time you see them!

How It Works

To understand how our mp3's can change your brainwaves it will be helpful to understand that your brain has brainwaves which are usually in the Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta ranges.

Beta brainwave (13 hz - 30 hz) are between 13 hz - 30 hz which is where most of us are during a busy, active day.

Alpha brainwaves (8 hz - 12 hz) are dominant when we begin to relax but not yet asleep.

Theta brainwaves (4 hz - 8 hz) are dominant during dreaming, but also during meditation.

Delta (0.5 hz - 4 hz) brainwaves are dominant in newborn infants, but also when we are in a deep, dreamless sleep. We know we have been in delta when we wake up refreshed. Likewise delta brainwaves are present in those who are advanced in meditation.

Beyond delta are Epsilon brainwaves (0.1 hz - 0.5 hz) which have been detected in those who are very, very advanced in meditation and such brainwaves are usually associated with mystical states of consciousness as well as, paradoxly, very high frequency brainwaves beyond 100 hz.(See the Brainwave Comparison Chart).

Binaural Beats and Monaural Beats

Over the centuries people have discovered that repetitious rhythms such as the beating of a drum at a single tone, or chanting, or other methods for producing a single, repetitious rhythm, have been known to produce certain states of consciousness whether deep relaxation, trance, a state of meditation and so on. The rhythms used basically changed the brainwave state of the person listening as long as that person remains open and receptive to the rhythms.

Fast forward to the technological age when binaural beats were invented and have been revealed to have the same effect on the brainwaves as did the aforementioned drum beats.

Binaural beats work by playing a different tone in each ear, and in the process the brain creates a "phantom tone" which is the difference between the two tones (for example if you play a 300 hz tone in one ear and a 310 hz in the other ear the brain will produce a 10 Hz phantom tone.) If this phantom tone is 10 hz the brain will gradually be led to a dominant brainwave frequency of 10 hz (this has been measured by EEG devices). If the tone is 7 hz the brain will gradually be led to a 7 hz dominant frequency, and so on.

Monaural beats work differently. With monaural beats (as well as with isochronic tones) the same tone is played in both ears but the tone turns on and off at what ever frequency it is programmed to turn on and off at. This creates a beating sound that will turn on and of precisely at 10 hz, 3 hz, 12 hz....whatever it is programmed to do.

Binaural beats combined with monaural beats make up one of the most powerful forms of brainwave entrainment available - Harmonic Box X. Harmonic Box X is what we embed into our mp3's (with the exception of the Beta Bonus where we use single binaural betas and single isochronic tones embedded into nature sounds). CLICK HERE to read more.

What Customers Are Saying

* "I just bought your Ultimate Brainwave Entrainment Mp3 Package. I did quite a bit of research on competing products, sites, reviews, and so on. I did not see your site/products reviewed; however, I like the tone, feel, and organization of your site, and the abundance of information better than any other site I looked at. Your low prices are a blessing, and providing a free full-length, level 5 session on your homepage is a very generous, good-faith measure. You've earned my vote, and a big thumbs up. Thank you! - Wayne Walden, West Michigan

* "Your mp3s are simply outstanding. I've been using brainwave entrainment for more than twenty years, beginning with cassette tapes put out by Zygon when I was a teenager. I meditate daily, with or without entrainment, and I'm always on the search for the so called latest and best entrainment technology, and over the years, I've educated myself about the particulars of brainwave frequencies, binaurals, isochronic and monaural beats. I have used and tried almost every product on the market. And knowing what I know about entrainment whatever other brainwave entrainment companies say about their superior technology cannot fool me.

When I purchased your mp3 products and listened to them for the first time, I was blown away! I guess because I've used entrainment for so long, I've developed a certain sensitivity to the changing of frequency in my own brain, and I can instantly feel the effect of any entrainment, and the multiple variations in a recording. Like I said, I've used many products from many companies, and the quality of your work, whatever it is that you do, absolutely surpasses everything I have experienced." - Robert Choates


Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series
Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series (10 mp3's, 5 hours)

Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series
Theta Meditation Mp3 Series (10 mp3's, 5 hours)

Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series
Rejuvenating Delta Mp3 Series (10 mp3's, 5 hours)

Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series
Epsilon Advanced Meditation Mp3 Series (10 mp3's, 5 hours)

You can buy the Ultimate Brainwave Entrainment Mp3 Program (includes all 4 products), and receive a bonus. As well as a new Brown Noise Version" with music and brown noise entrainment.

Each mp3 in the above 4 products is 30 minutes and consists of ambient music carefully embedded with harmonic box x (binaural beats and monaural beats) frequencies designed to produce various brainwave states between 0.1 hz - 12 hz (such as 1.45 hz, 4.5 hz, 6.5 hz, 7.83 hz....on down the line covering 35 different brainwave frequencies).


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