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What Are Binaural Beats?

To understand binaural beats it will help to have a basic understanding of the different brainwave states called beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

Beta - Throughout the day our brains are in the beta range with a frequency of about 12hz and up. At this level we are active, busy, and all our emotional responses are at this level. People who are over active, or often depressed, irritable, angry etc., often lose out on the recuperation and recharging that takes place when we are relaxed in the alpha, theta, and delta levels.

Alpha - When we begin to relax and begin to get drowsy, but are still awake and conscious (maybe at pre-sleep) we are said to be at the alpha level which is about 7hz-13hz.

Theta - When we dream, or are in deep meditation, we are at the theta level (4hz-7hz).

Delta - During deep dreamless sleep where there is a complete loss of body awareness we are at the delta level (0-4hz).

So where do binaural beats fit into all this?

Binaural beats are not a physical noise or sound per se. Rather binaural beats are a sort of phantom tone which is manufactured by the brain when two different tones are played in each ear. For the binaural beat to be perceived you need stereo headphones and the frequency of the two different tones coming into each ear must be below 1000hz, and no more than 30hz apart. If they are more than 30hz apart you will simply hear a tone in each ear, one louder than the other. But if the difference between the beats is below 30hz you hear that the "phantom" binaural beats in your head.

For example if you play a tone of 200hz in the left ear, and a tone of 190hz in the right ear (with the difference being 10hz) a beating tone will be perceived which is the binaural beat. What ever the difference is between the tones coming into the ears (in this example the difference is 200hz-190hz=10hz) the binaural beat will be that difference (in this case the binaural beat is 10hz).

If you have grasped what has been written thus far then you can easily grasp the concept of binaural beats.

It has been scientifically verified that if you consistently listen to binaural beats, for example, that are beating between 7hz-13hz, your brain will naturally tune in to that hz level and bring you to the alpha level (which as mentioned at the beginning is roughly between 7hz-13hz). This is called frequency following response or brainwave entrainment. Taking it a step further, if you listen to binaural beats that are between 4hz-7hz your brain will adjust to the theta level, and you may experience deep meditation, or lucid dreaming (dreaming while conscious), or even astral projection (when you listen to the binaural beats daily, giving your brain time to build new neuro pathways). By listening to binaural beats that are below 4z you may totally zone out and lose all body awareness as you plung into the delta level. Or, to improve memory, binaural beats are made at about the 16hz-24hz range (well into the beta range). And so on and so forth.

Binaural beats by themselves are dull for some people to listen to. But with nature sounds or ambient music, as well as either white noise, pink noise, brown noise, mixed in with the binaural beats it is more pleasant to listen to longterm. Normally it will take about 6 minutes for the brain to starts becoming entrained by the binaural beats. But it is best to listen to binaural beat recordings daily that are any where between 10 minutes to an hour long.

Free Binaural Beats

Below are free samples of binaural beats. Each sample is 5 minutes in length, but if you click on the first sample and let it run the player will automatically play through all 12 samples which will produce an hour long recording. The samples (with the exception of the youtube sample) are plain tones with no added ambient music, noise, or nature sounds. You will need good stereo headphones to be able to hear the binaural beats, especially in the lower frequencies.

If, by the way, you want to buy quality, affordable binaural beats I recommend ( sells 4 different Mp3 packs which contain a mixture of recordings with both binaural beats and isochronic tones. Nature sounds and/or slow tempo ambient music are also included in each recording. (See also Free Sample).

You need good headphones otherwise you won't hear the Binaural Beats

Plain BinauralBeats without Music or background sounds

Free Binaural Beats With Ambient Music and Nature Sounds

The Birds and The Bees Slideshow with Birds Sounds, a Running Brook, Ocean/Seagull sounds, Bee Sounds, and an Owl at the end. Ambient music plays throughout and is embedded with Binaural Beats.

Stereo Headphones Recommended

(Length: 3:21)

Where To Buy Binaural Beats

If you are serious about buying quality binaural beat recordings just do an online search for brainwave recordings, binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, etc., and you will find various websites which sell binaural beats. But it can become a bit overwhelming trying to decide which to buy. In general as you search the web you can find binaural beat recordings for sale that meet any need whether that of pain relief, for sleep, relaxation, studying, energy, lucid dreaming, hgh stimulation, esp, remote viewing, psychic abilities, for curing name it. Most of the time these products are sold individually. So if you were to buy them all one by one you may end up spending any where from $200 - $500 or more depending upon the price per recording, and how many different products a particular company is selling.

The prices may vary from one website to another. One companies may sell their 1 hour mp3's $10 - $2 (which adds up if you keep coming back for more). Others will charge you almost $200 for the first set of sessions, and then sell you more after you complete the first part of the program...and so on., on the other hand, is one of the few websites which sells quality binaural beats (as well as isochronic tones and harmonic box x) in bulk (mp3 albums) at affordable prices. They are of high quality (not cheaply made) created with top of the line brainwave entrainment tools. Quality Binaural Beats....and more

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